thinking time

I woke up on the Saturday of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and thought what should I do today!  I had no children to think about, the sun was out and I had nothing planned.  Of course it would involve a camera but where?  National Trust properties on a Bank Holiday weekend aren’t the best places, parking at the coast after 2 hours driving might try my patience and the nearby Warwickshire towns of Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick didn’t appeal, so how about where I could get to by train – and were the trains running?  Yes they were, so a choice, Birmingham or London?  What the hell!  Let’s go to London for the day!

My most recent camera acquisition, a Fujifilm X100T, was my choice for the day, along with the conversion lenses.  So my favourite bag, a Billingham Hadley Pro, was packed with camera, spare sd card and batteries, and other essentials for the day out – water, headphones and chargers!

My challenge was to try some street photography, before now when I have done it I’ve been very cautious and tried not to be noticed at all and subsequently I got distant shots if they came out at all.  But priorities first, to put me in a good mood, I needed  to get a decent cup of coffee as soon as getting there! So I went directly to a good coffee shop off Carnaby Street.  After chatting with another customer, a brightly dressed, very friendly lady, I asked if I could take her photo – she was quite happy to oblige, and so began the day.

The underground gave me the ideal opportunity to take photos, as the rule seems to be that we shouldn’t look at anyone, let alone make eye contact, so I took photos and it didn’t matter if they were bigger than me!  I have found out there are things I’ve got to watch out for, mainly ISO and shutter speed, it’s amazing how much you shake on a tube.  I had a good day with my camera and did go back into my comfort zone of buildings and landscapes.

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