Having my own camera is very liberating.  I could choose a camera that just needed to meet my requirements so no compromises, and make decisions that would just affect me.  So I chose my Fujifilm camera, X-T1, the lenses and accessories for me.  The bag I chose to keep my kit in is a Billingham Hadley Pro, it’s the right size for me and the handle on the top was essential! It is big enough to contain enough stuff and I can still carry it, no point in having a huge bag and not be able to use it just because it can fit the kitchen sink in it!  I have a macro lens because that is what I like doing, not only great for the macro work but challenging myself to just go out with one lens sometimes and work within those parameters that lens offers.  Maybe at some stage I’ll get some more prime lenses but at the moment I’m using the 18-55 lens for all sorts of things and seeing what prime, if any I would use.

My next purchase will be a tripod, again one that will suit me.  I’ve used a few tripods and I think I’ve got a list in my head as to what I want. So many things to consider – weight, folded size, max height (I’m only 5ft4 so I still need to be able to see the camera controls!), min height and type of clips.  I’ve found that I struggle with the screw lock ones so will deal with the inconvenience of the bulkiness of the flip clips so I can use it.  So with all these things in mind I’ll be off to the The Photography Show in Birmingham to see what I can find!! Let’s see what I come back with.

Also at The Photography Show is The People’s Gallery organised by Loxley Colour.  I took a bold step and decided I’d put an image through to it.  This is a new world to me, up to now I’ve have only kept my photography online and now showing other people is a big hurdle I’ve decided to overcome.  So far it’s only been a local photography competition in my childhood home town in Cheshire and this at The Photography Show but it’s a start.  The images in this post are from the photography competition, the Silver Birches came first in the landscape category!

As I said at the start, I’m finding having my own camera liberating.

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