I’d been looking at getting myself a new camera for a while, but what to get? Do I go for another Nikon or take the plunge into a newer system – mirrorless/compact system camera.  Lots of advice was given by friends and a great deal of reading by me.  We all have our own criteria for a camera, some more unusual than others! A requirement of mine is that I need to be able to hold and use it – only a small matter. I choose a mobile phone with that criteria too, as well as being good to take photos with.  I have small hands, I could use the Nikon D7000 OK but when looking at the full frame versions I was becoming limited.  I could just about cope with a D750 I thought, then all these compact system cameras came into the equation.  My son had had a Sony NEX5N which he had really enjoyed using, I couldn’t get over the lack of a viewfinder, but the size was ideal.

The Fuji cameras were establishing themselves, had great reviews and people turning to them from the larger Nikons and Canons.  So I decided to find which one maybe within my budget and do what I wanted it to do, the very latest would be a little too costly for me to justify.  Black Friday came and a big grin was on my face.  Fuji were doing double cashback on some of their range.  So I thought I’d just pop into my local camera shop (yes we still have one just 10 miles away – London Camera Exchange, Leamington Spa).  That day I came out with my new camera, a Fuji X-T1 with a 18-55mm lens, and it was the graphite version too.

Over the past month I have had a great time, taking it out with me to cities and countryside.  I’ve now also got a 60mm macro lens to enable me to carry on with that side of my photography.  I am, of course, looking at what lens to get next.

My Canon AE-1 Program and Fuji X-T1 make a very handsome pair, who would have thought they were three decades apart in design.

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