NorfolksmallThis is the first time I’ve used a SLR camera, other film cameras have been more point and shoot and if I was lucky they had a zoom!! This Canon AE-1 Program SLR has been under the stairs at my parents’ house for at least 10 years without a lens or cover on it. So I hoped I’d cleaned it up enough to get clean images. I was surprised and relieved at the results I got.  I had bought myself a second hand 50mm lens and also had a zoom lens. I tried it with a colour film first to see how clean the camera was and the cost and ease of processing was OK i.e. Boots! I will be more adventurous next time, I’ll take it off the program setting, and it will be a black and white film I’ll be using next.

It has been fun using it and will continue to, I’ll always have my phone camera with me but the SLR is so much more pleasurable to use. This photo is taken on the North Norfolk Coast when the light was breaking through the clouds onto the wind farm and the birds were settled on the water’s edge.

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