Burton Dassett Sunset

I thought I should start with a sunset as that is what caught my attention when I was a teenager, I insisted my dad took me down to Duckpool in Cornwall so that I could take a photo of the sunset.  That photograph stayed on my wall for the next ten years.  Every holiday had to involve a trip to see the sunset, which I carried on with my own children and they now send me the photos they take of sunsets!

This photo was taken on my phone, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, at Burton Dassett Country Park in Warwickshire.  The folly – the Pork Pie – provides a wonderful silhouette against the sky whatever the weather.  I visit with my son who loves the space the park offers, with a small woodland and hills to run up and down.  I try and take my DSLR when I’m on my own or when he can be patient!

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