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Stockton am

The one time I don’t usually take my camera out with me is when I walk from home.  Last December I decided to use the fabulous mornings as the perfect excuse.  My son was picked up in the taxi at 8.30, I was already dressed so all I needed to do was to pick up the camera and go out.  I did a usual walk, taking my time and enjoying the space and quiet.  It was a good start to the day.

February half-term school holidays are usually a mixed bag, with clear blue skies and cold air along with miserable wet, grey days!  We made the most of one of the better mornings with an early start (for us) and went to Baddesley Clinton which I knew would have these stunning snowdrops in the churchyard.  After a stroll around the small woodland watching the different birds including nuthatch, long tail tits and tree creepers, we went up to the church where my son was patient and allowed me to lie on the muddy ground to let me get down to the snowdrops and he didn’t stand on them!!

One of my favourite type of image is macro photography, and spring fills me with hope of the opportunities to come throughout the year.

Burton Dassett Sunset

I thought I should start with a sunset as that is what caught my attention when I was a teenager, I insisted my dad took me down to Duckpool in Cornwall so that I could take a photo of the sunset.  That photograph stayed on my wall for the next ten years.  Every holiday had to involve a trip to see the sunset, which I carried on with my own children and they now send me the photos they take of sunsets!

This photo was taken on my phone, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, at Burton Dassett Country Park in Warwickshire.  The folly – the Pork Pie – provides a wonderful silhouette against the sky whatever the weather.  I visit with my son who loves the space the park offers, with a small woodland and hills to run up and down.  I try and take my DSLR when I’m on my own or when he can be patient!