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I’d been looking at getting myself a new camera for a while, but what to get? Do I go for another Nikon or take the plunge into a newer system – mirrorless/compact system camera.  Lots of advice was given by friends and a great deal of reading by me.  We all have our own criteria for a camera, some more unusual than others! A requirement of mine is that I need to be able to hold and use it – only a small matter. I choose a mobile phone with that criteria too, as well as being good to take photos with.  I have small hands, I could use the Nikon D7000 OK but when looking at the full frame versions I was becoming limited.  I could just about cope with a D750 I thought, then all these compact system cameras came into the equation.  My son had had a Sony NEX5N which he had really enjoyed using, I couldn’t get over the lack of a viewfinder, but the size was ideal.

The Fuji cameras were establishing themselves, had great reviews and people turning to them from the larger Nikons and Canons.  So I decided to find which one maybe within my budget and do what I wanted it to do, the very latest would be a little too costly for me to justify.  Black Friday came and a big grin was on my face.  Fuji were doing double cashback on some of their range.  So I thought I’d just pop into my local camera shop (yes we still have one just 10 miles away – London Camera Exchange, Leamington Spa).  That day I came out with my new camera, a Fuji X-T1 with a 18-55mm lens, and it was the graphite version too.

Over the past month I have had a great time, taking it out with me to cities and countryside.  I’ve now also got a 60mm macro lens to enable me to carry on with that side of my photography.  I am, of course, looking at what lens to get next.

My Canon AE-1 Program and Fuji X-T1 make a very handsome pair, who would have thought they were three decades apart in design.

NorfolksmallThis is the first time I’ve used a SLR camera, other film cameras have been more point and shoot and if I was lucky they had a zoom!! This Canon AE-1 Program SLR has been under the stairs at my parents’ house for at least 10 years without a lens or cover on it. So I hoped I’d cleaned it up enough to get clean images. I was surprised and relieved at the results I got.  I had bought myself a second hand 50mm lens and also had a zoom lens. I tried it with a colour film first to see how clean the camera was and the cost and ease of processing was OK i.e. Boots! I will be more adventurous next time, I’ll take it off the program setting, and it will be a black and white film I’ll be using next.

It has been fun using it and will continue to, I’ll always have my phone camera with me but the SLR is so much more pleasurable to use. This photo is taken on the North Norfolk Coast when the light was breaking through the clouds onto the wind farm and the birds were settled on the water’s edge.


The beauty of the nature that surrounds us is very special.  Countryside walks let us watch the amazing change into spring, a newly born lamb, the first bluebells, the unfurling of leaves and the longer days giving the opportunity to see more.  Longer days as well as some respite has allowed me to go slightly further afield into Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

This shot was taken when I took my camera for a walk along the Ingleton Waterfall Trail in Yorkshire.  The two rivers were very different, with the higher falls being on the River Twiss.  I preferred the River Doe with its cascades of swirling, jumping water, fascinating to watch running down the deep gorge lined with old trees.


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Crocus Carpet

I had gone to meet my parents at RHS Wisley, the day had been very overcast and I had just got too cold and was ready to go home, when the sun came out briefly and crocus carpet lit up.  The white crocuses shone out and were beautifully set off by the purple.  This raised my spirits, just a moment of sunlight made such a difference.

Padley GorgeA perfect place to be.  To be walking through old woods, even before leaves appear they have a charm.  They entice us to explore, to look what may happen in a few weeks time, to see the light coming through the bare canopy, casting shadows, causing us to look upwards to the sky through the branches. We can hear different things, the leaves aren’t muffling the sounds, we seek out the streams and scramble down to get a different view.  We wonder why there are walls there, how old the twisted trees are and how anything grows on the stony earth.  I need to go back and visit another day and see how it looks with leaves and see if there are bluebells there or other plants at other times of year!