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Embracing February

A month has gone already this year, so it’s time to mean business! I allowed myself a lazy Saturday, pottering around the gardenView full post »

Wall Dale Cubed

Discovering Art and Sculpture

It was that time between Christmas and New Year when you are in limbo.  I remembered there was an art exhibition on at Yorkshire SculptureView full post »

Sunsets can not be guaranteed

I’ve just had an unusual weekend.  I live in Warwickshire and went to East London to do a bookbinding course on Saturday.  This wasView full post »

Whatever the weather!

When you are taking a short break up to Scotland you can’t let the weather get the better of you!  It seems like the theme of thisView full post »

Always have a camera in your bag

It seems that my choice of bag I take out each day is dependant on which camera I’m taking out not what I’m wearing! Today IView full post »

thinking time

Another Challenge – Street Photography

I woke up on the Saturday of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and thought what should I do today!  I had no children to think about, theView full post »

Decisions and Doing New Things

Having my own camera is very liberating.  I could choose a camera that just needed to meet my requirements so no compromises, and makeView full post »

A New Camera, A New Start

I’d been looking at getting myself a new camera for a while, but what to get? Do I go for another Nikon or take the plunge into aView full post »

35mm Film

This is the first time I’ve used a SLR camera, other film cameras have been more point and shoot and if I was lucky they had a zoom!!View full post »

Walk from home

The one time I don’t usually take my camera out with me is when I walk from home.  Last December I decided to use the fabulousView full post »

Spring into Life

February half-term school holidays are usually a mixed bag, with clear blue skies and cold air along with miserable wet, grey days!  WeView full post »

Start at the beginning

I thought I should start with a sunset as that is what caught my attention when I was a teenager, I insisted my dad took me down toView full post »