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treesMany people get to see through their children’s  innocent eyes the wonder of the world for a few years, I have been lucky enough to have that experience for longer. My younger son, born in 2001, sees the world as a sensory garden with none of the preconceptions we have and the reactions from him are just purely natural.

He has had challenges since he was born and he now has a long list of conditions.  These include type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, autism, severe learning disabilities and he’s non-verbal, amongst other things.  He loves to be outside, being in fields, by water, on hills, in woods …. I started noticing what he was looking at and having a mobile phone with me I could take photos.  For the first year of his life I took photos on a DSLR to document the first year. I didn’t realising how his life would turn out.

Taking the camera out became a habit when I was with the children. I went out on my own with the camera for my own relaxation when they were at school.  Now I use it when visiting my older two children, they have their own DSLRs! field